Why we do what we do

Helping young underrepresented talent to find meaningful employment & develop employability skills

There's a problem. The problem is that only 17% of Brits love their job. Job satisfaction not only affects mental health & overall performance, but it affects physical health too!

Over 800,000 young people are unemployed despite actively seeking work and there are river 900,000 vacancies in the UK. The problem is that people aren't able to find jobs and most of those who do find jobs wind up not liking it because they've just accepted anything, not what they want. I believe people work more efficiently when they love what they do.

Our passion lies in helping young underrepresented talent to find meaningful employment. Since our launch in 2023, we've built a vast network of young talented professionals, ready to make an impact!

Our commitment goes beyond recruitment. Our core mission is to help underrepresented young adults find purposeful work which we believe in turn can help fight prevalent mental health issues, fix broken communities, and instil more creativity in organisations.

We do this not only by helping with recruitment, we also offer mentorship, classes, & workshops to help young people gain valuable skills that will help them to excel in their careers. We also aim to educate & empower through insightful blogs & tips.

We want to help as many people as possible to expand their knowledge and excel in their careers.

Let's Coalesce – Together we can bridge the gap!


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